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Tool development

As a grinding tool manufacturer, this area represents our core competence, therefore an interdisciplinary R&D team deals with different issues related to the tool development. Thus, innovative systems based on the bond type and super hard materials such as diamond and CBN are being developed, that provide a more efficient grinding process and a high component quality. Furthermore, we are continuously developing our base body systems using new materials and the numerical simulation, to achieve a higher productivity of the grinding process with a lower power input, i.e. lower energy consumption. In order to obtain the highest surface quality, even when increasing the productivity, the bond systems have to be developed in combination with the base bodies and their properties have to be adjusted to each other in terms of dynamics and attenuation.

Process support

Our development department is also involved in the process support, as we supply a large number of customised tools. Depending on the requirements, either for large series or single-part production, we are developing solutions for our partners and customers, considering in cooperation with our application engineers the entire system of the grinding technology. Thus, the customer's challenges can be met quickly in a targeted manner and reproducible grinding process results of high quality can be ensured. In the context of a research project on a pre-series process, it was for example possible to provide evidence that the percentage of cooling lubricant, which is harmful to the environment and expensive, could be significantly reduced, while maintaining the component quality and productivity.


Cooperation with science

In order to be continuously informed about the latest developments, we have been cooperating with several partners from science and research for many years. For this purpose, we actively participate in publicly funded and bilateral research projects as well as in working groups.

Currently ongoing research projects:

InWeT: Internally cooled tool system for dry machining (TU Berlin, Institute for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology) Link


EFKoW: Development of an efficient production technoloy for smoothing and partial correction of 3D tool shapes Link


AddiGrind: Additive manufacturing of superabrasive grinding tools (Furtwangen University, Competence Center for Machining) Link

CoHMed: Connected Health in Medical Mountains (Furtwangen University, Competence Center for Machining) Link


Mechanical dressing of cut-off wheels (University of Hanover, Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools) Link

In recent years we have cooperated with the following institutes and universities:

  • Technical University of Berlin, Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management (IWF)

  • RWTH Aachen University, Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL)

  • Fraunhofer IWU, Chemnitz

  • Furtwangen University, Competence Center for Metal Cutting Production (KSF)

  • Technical University of Dortmund, Institute for Metal Cutting Production (ISF)

  • Leibniz University of Hanover, Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW)

  • Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig

  • Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Chair for Manufacturing Technology
    and company organisation (FBK)

We are also a member of the following working groups

  • Informative working group ceramic processing (TU Berlin, IWF)

  • Grinding technology working group (RWTH Aachen University, WZL)

  • Grinding technology working group (Furtwangen University, KSF)

  • Working group hard metal, ceramics (Furtwangen University, KSF)

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