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Tesch Mitarbeiter Gruppenfoto der Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH

4U - Your advantages

Tradition and Innovation

4U - Customer benefits

Today, after more than 115 years, the 3rd and 4th generation of the entrepreneurial family are sitting in the "signal
tower" to set the course for a successful future of the company.

Our strengths:

  • Flat hierarchies, short decision-making paths, maximum flexibility

  • Above-average dedication to research and development

  • Courage to find unconventional solution approaches

  • Comprehensive know-how

We have thus attained our strong market position. We keep learning every day, in order to be well positioned in
the future!

Keramik Schleifscheibe der Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH

Business partners can expect from us:

  • Joint process design at your machines on site.

  • You know your process, we know our tools, together we keep the unit costs within the bounds.

  • Individual training courses in grinding, accompanied
    by a guided tour through our production facility.


Our business partners associate the "TESCH" brand with an innovative tool manufacturer, who faces the entire spectrum from standard to extraordinary, even exotic technical challenges.

Now you can find out for yourself, that it is really a good idea to enter into a business relationship with us!

Tesch is only a phone call or an e-mail away from you.

CD Fräser der Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH
Schleifscheibe erodiert der Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH
CFK Multiwheeler der Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH
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