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Luftaufnahme Bürogebäude Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH


What distinguishes us

In our family-owned company 250 highly specialised, committed and well-trained employees work on complete solutions for demanding tasks with regard to optimised machining. The Tesch Group produces exclusively in Germany and possesses production sites in Ludwigsburg, Idar-Oberstein and Döbern, and in addition, sales offices in China and the USA. Worldwide operating agencies and our globally acting application engineers complete an efficient and fast professional network in favour of our partners and customers.

The product portfolio covers different tool concepts for innovative machining solutions.

On the one hand, these include diamond and CBN tools for demanding solutions in the field of the grinding technology. The grinding tools are available in resin, metallic, galvanic and vitrified bond and are optimised to meet the requirement of the specific grinding task. Furthermore, stationary and rotating dressing tools are also part of our manufacturing programme, in order to offer the grinding process as an integrated system solution. This allows us to realise economically optimised processes on the basis of highly precise component requirements and a wide range of component dimensions.

On the other hand, the Diamant-Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH produces turning, milling and reaming tools for efficient machining processes. The customised tools are equipped with diamond, CBN or PCBN inserts by means of which the machining of high-performance materials can be carried out in a cost-effective manner, thereby achieving long tool lives that enable to operate the machine processing of high-performance materials economically, while achieving long tool lives.


Managing directors

As an owner-managed company with 250 employees, we produce tools for the metalworking industry and many other different industries. Our family business is run in the third generation. Our top priority is the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

Our guiding principles

  • Highest engineering art

Shall be possible?

Challenge gives rise to creativity.

Creativity gives rise to INNOVATION.

  • Made in Germany

Possible in international competition?
Of course!

"Bargain" - we are not able to offer, but


  • Strong partners

YOU want to be more than just "a customer"?

WE are much more than just “a supplier”! Real (business)

PARTNERSHIP can be developed


Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH Diamant Schleifscheibe galvanisch
Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH DSP Diamant-Schleifpad
Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH CFK Multiwheeler Kohlenstofffaserverstärkter Kunststoff
Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH CD Fräser
Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH WSP SLS Fräser

We  are  Tesch

Our locations

Luftaufnahme der Produktionsstätte in Ludwigsburg der Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH

twice in


Luftaufnahme der Produktionsstätte in Döbern der Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH


Luftaufnahme der Produktionsstätte in Idar Oberstein der Diamant- Gesellschaft Tesch GmbH


Customer feedback

Element Six GmbH

The Tesch company is characterised by a first-class delivery performance! Quality and quantity are always provided in compliance with the quality agreed upon. Particularly noteworthy is the excellent accessibility. You can always be sure to receive a quick response thanks to short distances. They deal competently with current or new processes and bring them forward by finding innovative solutions.

Perrin GmbH

Not only that high quality grinding wheels are supplied, the process support must also be mentioned. In cooperation with the responsible application engineer, process times could be reduced significantly, while maintaining high quality.

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